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Founded in 1998, Gila Resources Information Project (GRIP) promotes community health by protecting our environment and natural resources in southwest New Mexico.

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Address: 305A North Cooper St.
Silver City, NM 88061
Phone Number: 575-538-8078
Protection of our water, land and air is a necessity if we are to preserve community health and quality of life here in southwest New Mexico. Education and civic engagement are key components to our democracy and informed participation in natural resource use decisions.

With your donation to GRIP, together we can:

Ensure sustainable management of our water resources to build resilience and self-reliance in our future water supplies by
-- Advocating for responsible operation and cleanup of copper mines to protect water quality and enhance water supply security;
-- Engaging mining-impacted communities to participate in public participation processes to protect water supplies;
-- Facilitate cleanup by EPA and/or NMED of abandoned mine lands, such as the Pinos Altos Mining District.

Safeguard the natural systems upon which we all depend by
-- Serving as fiscal agent and partner in the Gila Conservation Coalition to protect the Gila River, New Mexico's last wild river;
-- Coordinating the Silver City Watershed Keepers, a citizens' water resources stewardship program that engages community members in protection and restoration of the Silver City Watershed;

Protect and enhance our natural assets that are important to our quality of life and local economy by
-- Organizing opposition to the Holloman Air Force proposal for expanded military training over Silver City and the Gila region;
-- Promote effective community planning & economic development that anticipates growth and future needs while discouraging sprawl and fosters efficient use of resources.

Facilitate informed public participation in conservation and natural resource use decisions by
-- Co-producing the weekly radio show, Earth Matters, broadcast on Gila/Mimbres Community Radio and Las Cruces Community Radio that educates listeners about environmental and conservation issues and how to take action.
-- Organizing community events to engage community members in taking action on behalf of our environment.