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Our mission is to develop programs and initiatives to rebuild and strengthen Chiricahua Apache relations, promoting self-determination and solidarity in the achievement of common goals for Chiricahua Apache People everywhere. Common goals include historical and cultural reclamation, injustice redress, as well as advancement of strategies to recover, preserve and protect Chiricahua Apache Culture, Sacred Sites and Ancestral Homelands located in Arizona and New Mexico.

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Address: PO Box 837
Santa Clara, NM 88026
Phone Number: 575-534-1379
This New Mexico nonprofit religious corporation was formed on August 14, 2017. We were then granted federal nonprofit status as a religious 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity, effective August 1, 2017. All donations, bequests, transfers and gifts are tax deductible, as defined by law. Please contact Headquarters if interested in more information about how to support our efforts.

Why We Are Here: In recent years, Chiricahua people have been reaching out to each other to reconnect as the descendants of the Chiricahua Nation. There is great interest in protecting and sharing traditional knowledge while there are still Elders who remember. The rise of internet use and social media has made that outreach much easier. This effort has been so successful that a need for a supporting nonprofit organization became clear. In August 2017, The Chiricahua Apache National Order, Mission and Alliance was formed to provide organization and public outreach for gatherings and other events, experience in interpreting history, practice and teaching of Spiritual Ceremony and protection of Sacred Sites. For Chiricahua, all aspects of life are inseparably fused to the practice of our spirituality. We offer specific sweatlodge and prayer ceremonies for the Chiricahua community at appropriate times and places, as has been done throughout our history. Individual training in Chiricahua Spiritual Practice is available upon mutual agreement. We also work together, and with other agencies, museums and more, to share accurate awareness of Chiricahua presence, culture and history in our traditional homeland. We deeply appreciate your support.