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Our mission: "To preserve New Mexico's land heritage by helping people conserve the places they love." Working to help preserve the land, water, wildlife, working lands and scenic open space that make our state unique and special in so many ways!

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Address: P.O. Box 6759
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Phone Number: 505-986-3801
New Mexico: Our Mission. Your Legacy.

New Mexico Land Conservancy is a statewide, accredited, nonprofit land trust working to permanently protect the New Mexico you love -- its natural habitat, scenic open space, cultural and historical resources, and productive agricultural and recreational lands -- now and for the future.

From the economically important working farms and ranches that produce our food to the essential watersheds that we depend on for our drinking water, urban and rural people alike have a large stake in the preservation of our land heritage across the state.

New Mexico Land Conservancy relies on the support of people like you to continue the important work we do to help preserve IN PERPETUITY the land, water, wildlife, farms and ranches, cultural and historical sites and scenic open space that make our state unique and special in so many ways.

As a land trust, we remain committed to pro-active land conservation where it counts -- on the ground! Last year (2018), a full 87% of our annual budget went directly toward program services, with only 6% toward management & general expenses and 7% to fundraising. This commitment to measurable results on the land can be seen by the 83 conservation easements we've completed and the 214,184 acres we have helped conserve across New Mexico and Southeast Arizona!

When you make a cash contribution or include the New Mexico Land Conservancy in your estate plans, you are making a gift for future generations to enjoy the New Mexico we all cherish. A cash contribution or planned gift, like permanently protected land, is a lasting contribution to ensure that NMLC has the resources to conserve and steward these special places in perpetuity. Making a planned gift to our organization may provide you and your family with valuable tax benefits, too! Visit our website: for more info.