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Advocates for Snake Preservation
ASP uses science, education, and advocacy to promote compassionate conservation and coexistence with snakes.

The Bike Works
The Bike Works is a community-supported nonprofit that promotes creative and active lifestyles, self reliance and sustainability in southwest New Mexico.

Border Partners
Puerto Palomas, Chihuahua, Mexico. Working Together, Creating Opportunities, Changing Lives.

Chiricahua Apache Nation
Our mission is to develop programs and initiatives to rebuild and strengthen Chiricahua Apache relations, promoting self-determination and solidarity in the achievement of common goals for Chiricahua Apache People everywhere. Common goals include historical and cultural reclamation, injustice redress, as well as advancement of strategies to recover, preserve and protect Chiricahua Apache Culture, Sacred Sites and Ancestral Homelands located in Arizona and New Mexico.

The Commons: Center for Food Security and Sustainability
Our mission is to promote local resilience and adaptation holistically, through education, distribution, and cultivation, with particular attention to food security.

Community Partnership for Children
A not-for-profit organization that promotes excellence in the care and development of young children. We work toward the early investment in children to ensure that they will learn and thrive in school, the workforce, and life to position Grant County's children and the entire community for success.

Concert Band of the Southwest
The mission of the Concert Band of the Southwest is to provide quality music entertainment to the community and have fun.

El Refugio, Inc.
El Refugio empowers all persons affected by domestic and sexual violence by providing advocacy, education and services in a safe and supportive environment.

End of the Road Ranch Rescue
End of the Road Ranch exists to provide a safety net for abused, neglected or endangered equines. We provide them with the proper care and quality of life they deserve until a loving home can be found for them. Our goal is to ensure that these animals be homed in a forever home. Equines as well as other animals are not disposable and we are dedicated to ensuring that these animals are matched with a home that will meet their needs as well as their adopters.

EYH Expanding Your Horizons
EYH is a STEM program for girls in grades 5-8. Students from Silver City and surrounding areas attend a full day of hands-on workshops where female professionals and college students lead and share their adventures in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. EYH is an opportunity for girls to meet peers and role models, and there is no cost to attend the program. Girls and their parents/teachers consistently rate EYH as an excellent, often life-changing, experience.

Fort Bayard Historic Preservation Society
The mission of the Fort Bayard Historic Preservation Society (a 501c3 non-profit organization) is to preserve, protect, and restore the US Army military history during the settlement of the US Southwest from 1866-1899 and its medical history in combatting pulmonary tuberculosis as a US Army Hospital, Public Health Hospital, and Veterans' Center from 1900-1965.

The purpose of the Friends of City of Rocks State Park is to help support the New Mexico State Park in enrichment of the park area. Specifically, the Friends aim to enhance, preserve and promote park use, to participate in nature as responsible stewards of the earth, to create an awareness of the wonder, fragility and importance of the park, to develop and improve existing education/interpretive programs, and to develop and improve public awareness of the park.

The Future Forge
The goal of Future Forge Makerspace is to provide access to tools, equipment, knowledge, skills, and space to propel and empower our local community. We aim to make resources accessible to all generations to allow for exploration, innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative growth, whilst understanding how to work together in a productive way.

Gila / Mimbres Community Radio
To provide a voice for, and music, arts, culture and public affairs programming to, underserved communities in Southwest New Mexico

Gila Community and Tourism Development, Inc.
The mission statement of the Gila Community and Tourism Development, Inc is to: 1) promote bicycling and outdoor recreation for community and tourism development; 2) create outdoor recreation opportunities for rural and low-income residents; 3) educate the public about recreational safety and health benefits; and 4) conduct other mission-related activities permitted by the New Mexico Nonprofit Corporation Act and federal regulations for 501(c)3 tax-exempt organizations.